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Counselling Approaches

My natural approach is a Client-Centred Humanistic based approach to counselling. Together, we shall follow a path that leads us to greater awareness in a safe place where you have full acceptance as you are, and support to get you closer to where you would like to be.

I also utilize Solution-Focused Therapy as a brief therapy, to help with goal-setting, with couples, and as an intervention. It's amazing how the human mind defaults to being problem oriented, and how what we focus on expands! 

Eye Movement & Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

This therapy is endorsed for treating serious trauma responses such as PTSD but is relatively new and still expanding with new ways of helping clients with it. This is an unusual therapy for some in the beginning, but results often come quickly and there is no written homework with this approach. Some argue it's like CBT without the homework (and with the addition of uncommon bilateral activities, such as eye movements or tapping). It might seem a little unusual at first, but once you see the results and experience it, you'll likely want more. It's a great way to heal old wounds that interfere with today's living, as well as anxiety, depression, help with erectile dysfunction, elements of low self-esteem, and more. It's very interesting to watch how clients respond to this as they make gains. If something from your past, or a phobia from anytime, this is a great approach! 


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Mindfulness

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness are complimentary to one another, and it requires some mindfulness to become aware of the automatic thoughts that give often negative messages to us as we go through our days. We certainly want to gain control over this aspect of our thoughts, so we can also change how we behave and feel while taking an active role in the realities we create with the influence of our perceptions and thinking patterns. 

Mindfulness is an asset to this practice of being present in order to be aware for reality-checking in CBT.  Mindfulness helps one to empower one's self by choosing to work with your mind and way of being in the body while interacting with the external world. From here it becomes more possible to detach in a healthy way and become more aware of moment to moment changes and harness acting on impulses. Mindfulness is not as much a technique as it is a way of being, and is an ongoing process that requires active attention in an ongoing way. It's a valuable tool for living in today's rushed social climate. 


I am very passionate about being of service to you within the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship. It is my mission to support meaningful changes in a space where you feel safe, secure, and accepted.

If you attend the session, you will see I am very accepting, non-judging, warm, and genuine, not easily shocked, but sensitive to subtleties. 

My history includes: belonging to a wonderful team of volunteers at the U of A University Sexual Assault Centre supporting survivors and advocating for those who needed. I later volunteered with street youth at iHuman utilizing various art forms and finding ways of connecting in order to be of service. Before that, I had a tenure as an intern at the Edmonton Remand Centre where I designed a program to help reduce recidivism by helping inmates plan for success after release. I later served as an counsellor at a local and globally renowned First Nation's residential treatment facility Poundmaker's Lodge. There I had the privilege of exposure to various cultural and spiritual teachings as well as witnessing the after-effects of the residential schools and inter-generational traumas that speak to my heart. 

Since that time and the completion of further education, I have trained in different therapies and will continue to do so. I have done practicums at The Family Centre and the Pride Centre which were growing opportunities I loved. And before now, I spent a couple of years at a booming private practice in their Edmonton locations where I practised on my usual topics but explored more on sexuality under my supervisor.


IMy therapeutic focus is with anxiety, depression, trauma, family-of-origin issues, gender, communication, and have helped many other concerns as well, such as sexuality, poly/swinging relations, and difficulties with intimacy. I enjoy working with teens as well. I endeavour to equip my clients with skills, coping mechanism, regulating techniques, and help remove trauma from the brain and body. 

I work alongside an amazing team of both incorporated and autonomous practitioners in the health and healing industry and other psychologists.


I hope to see you here, if not, we can arrange to meet online or by phone. 


Amadew Walt, Work Co-op-B.A., M.A.C.P., Registered Provisional Psychologist 2800p

Amadew Walt Psychological Services - located in Mid-Town Wellness. 

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