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Therapy for OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) involves intrusive and unwanted thoughts, feelings, images, or urges (obsessions) that causes a great deal of anxiety and triggers compulsions, which are actions that reduce the feelings of anxiety and help the afflicted feel like they are in control.


Common Obsessive Thoughts Include:

  • Fear of coming into contact with germs or dirt

  • Intrusive thoughts of commiting violence

  • Fear of losing control

  • Need for order, symmetry and exactness

  • Obsessive focus on superstitions and luck

  • Fear of scrutiny and social interactions

Common Compulsions include:

  • Washing hands excessively, showering with rituals, or cleaning compulsively.

  • Ritualistic tapping, counting, touching, or rubbing

  • Ordering, organizing and arranging

  • Excessive fidgeting, moving or exercising

  • Internal thought rituals such as saying a prayer over and over

Patients of all walks of life are welcome. Amadew provides a compassionate, accepting, and healing environment.

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Sessions are $140 - $200 per session hour

Symptoms of OCD

ocd symptoms-01.png

Emotional Symptoms of OCD 

Anxiety, Worry, & Fear


Anger & Rage




ocd symptoms-02.png

Physical Symptoms of OCD:


Headaches or Dizziness

Racing heart

Shallow breathing

Muscle tension

Shortness of breath

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