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Find Your Motivation with Counselling

Sometimes in life, especially during this pandemic, it can be extremely difficult to get motivated - motivated to work, motivated to exercise, motivated to lose weight or even motivated to get out of bed. In these times, therapy can help you find what drives you and take the steps to reignite the spark of excitement that you need to achieve your goals.

Patients of all walks of life are welcome. Amadew provides a compassionate, accepting, and healing environment.

$150 - $200 per hour session

Did you know? Motivation Can Be Learned!

Motivation, like most things, can be learned. It is like a muscle that you need to use and exercise to get stronger. Every time that you successfully motivate yourself, it becomes easier the next time.

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Therapy Helps Improve Drive & Motivation

Feeling demotivated, especially after burn out, can really get you down. It is often an endless cycle between demotivation and continuously increasing levels of sadness and feelings of worthlessness. All is not lost though, you can find that motivation again. Therapy can help you change your thinking patterns, reactions and behaviours to effectively help you use the right words and thoughts on yourself to get you motivated!

Start Feeling Motivated!


Get Help Feeling Motivated to Get Fit

Are you wanting to become healthier but lack all the motivation to do so? Tried dozens of diets and exercise routines, but couldn’t muster the motivation to follow through? Amadew can help you grow the little voice inside you that really wants this. Motivation therapy is a great way to learn what drives you, to change your mindset to one that is more encouraging and motivating, and to finally get you to achieve your weight loss goals.


Regain Motivation and Drive at Work

Is work getting you down? Does getting out of bed get harder everyday? You’re not alone, many people feel unappreciated, burned out and overworked by their employer - and working from home doesn’t make it easier! Therapy teaches you valuable skills that help you reassess your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to help you motivate yourself time and time again, until it is second nature. 


Get Motivated to Find a Job

The pandemic has cost thousands of people their jobs, and it hasn’t been easy to find new ones. Now, after months of searching or lots of rejection, you may be feeling demotivated to keep searching. The lack of encouraging results may be causing you to feel sad or worthless.


The good news is that therapy can help you recognize unhelpful and limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours that are contributing to your lack of motivation to find a job.

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