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Overcome Intimacy Issues  

Amadew has experience offering therapy to individuals and couples who are struggling with intimacy. It often involves a lot more than that, but Walt uses an open-minded, holistic, Solution-Focused approach with your intimate "systems" and getting individuals coming together. (Pardon, the pun). Open to BDSM/Poly/Swinging relationships. 

Patients of all walks of life are welcome. Amadew provides a compassionate, accepting, and healing environment.

Sessions are on Sliding Scale $150- $200

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Fear of Intimacy

Are you afraid to let yourself go and be intimate or vulnerable with another person?


Intimacy doesn't necessarily refer to just sex, it includes hugging, opening up emotionally, sharing information,  or even just allowing yourself to be you.


Many of those who fear intimacy avoid physical contact, have trust issues, have negative thoughts or self-talk and avoid eye contact during intimate situations. 


Amadew offers therapy to help you rediscover your body and mind to find comfort in vulnerability, improve your sex life and develop your confidence.

Feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed can take up all of your mental and physical energy so that nothing is left for your own sexual enjoyment, personal interests, or hobbies.


Therapy helps you understand, cope, and heal from the underlying psychological problems that interfere

Liven Up Your Libido

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