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Amadew Walt Psychological Services 

Amadew Walt, MACP, Registered Provisional Psychologist, 2800p since 2018, is an EMDR-trained therapist anchored in mindfulness from a client-centred perspective, utilizing CBT to treat conditions that are an obstacle between you and living your potential. 

Ms Walt sees all walks of life (mature individuals), is culturally sensitive, minority-loving, and specializes in areas of Anxiety Disorders, Family-of-Origin trauma, Sexual Abuse, PTSD and related disorders, Gender Dysphoria, Poly-Relations, and more. As an INFJ personality, Ms Walt is a natural advocate for all and a natural intuitive that naturally develops an authentic rapport with unique human beings in a meaningful way while also providing effective


 Amadew provides a compassionate, accepting, and healing environment.

Sliding Scale Fee:
$160 - $200 per session hour
Text 587-989-5506 to arrange an appointment, if you like, or:
Email: at any time 

Or, simply use this site and book yourself by clicking on the time length you would like! (Note: Jane app is a secure site, and the majority of your card numbers are not revealed to AWPS). 

In a state of crisis? 
Direct Billing To:
*Blue Cross
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Text or Call during regular or evening hours at 587-989-5506. Otherwise, please do contact someone you love who is safe, or if not, try 211, if it is medical, 911(Urgent) or 811(medical) if less severe a concern. 
Otherwise, Access 24/7 is available for Albertans for a psychologist. 
There are great therapists at The Family Centre and Pride Centre for affordable options. 

Do You Suffer or Struggle to Enjoy or Function in Aspects of Your Life?

I can say with confidence based on history & statistical probability that if you invest in your healing journey and are in the parameters of my work, you will depart with improvements, and/or fully treated to a baseline of functioning, where greater resilience and potentials can become realities!  When you change the way you look at things, everything changes! 

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Benefits From Therapy? 

Relief & freedom from what seemed impossible 

Regained or increased functionality and capacity

Assertive communication, & boundary setting

New tools and skills for Increased self-esteem, self-worth, & self-acceptance

Released/desensitized traumas

Improved sleep 

Empowerment through self-awareness

Forgiveness through better communication

Coping skills for regulation, grounding, and

long-term evolution

Do the thing(s) you thought you could not


Book a Session?

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You can start your own account & select your own booking to start. Just click on the desired session time length to go to the scheduling system!

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Availability Weekends! 
Tuesdays & Thursdays


Phone/Text: (587) 989 - 5506

AWPS is temporarily between placements for the current time - to be updated!!

Direct Billing to:
* Medavie
* Blue Cross
* Greenshield

Text!: 587-989-5506..(We will call you back!)

You may also email below and ask any questions or anything relevant to AWPS services.  

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Amadew Walt Psychological Services

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